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Community Service at Operation Wildlife

What’s Involved

We offer a variety of community service including diversion, class credit or small to medium group opportunities.

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About our Community Service Program

Court Ordered Diversion

For court-ordered diversion you must be 16 years old. Complete an application and email a list of other requirements to our director. We take court-ordered diversion community service on a first come, first serve basis and we only allow one volunteer at a time. The hours are done in blocks of time, averaging 4 to 6 hours during the daytime.


Class Credit Community Service

For class credit community service, we accept three volunteers per period and work with your advisor or counselor to ensure that all requirements for the community service are being met. Complete a volunteer application – must be 16 or older.


Small to Medium Group Opportunities

We offer small to medium group volunteer opportunities on an as-needed basis.  Email us at to discuss opportunities and your needs.


Skills needed for community service

  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability for follow directions
  • Dependable and punctual

We pair community service volunteers with a regular volunteer to in order to work on specific projects to accomplish goals of the organization.

Apply for community service hours at Operation Wildlife.

Service of a different type comes in the form of the unique opportunities OWL provides to youth. OWL works with the courts of local municipalities and offers at-risk kids the chance to work in the facility.

Even if the kids are just doing housekeeping—laundry, sweeping, cleaning and so on—they are still doing these things in the presence of OWL’s beautiful wild residents and patients, and the experience can be transformative.

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