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Volunteering at Operation WildLife

What’s Involved

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization!

OWL provides care to thousands of animals each year, and it takes a team of dedicated individuals to achieve our ultimate goal—releasing those animals back into the wild. If you’re searching for volunteer opportunities in Kansas, then look no further than Operation WildLife!

Volunteer Programs

What makes someone qualified to volunteer at Operation Wildlife? Ability to learn, follow directions, work with others in a team environment, dedication, punctuality, respect of the animals and our goal to provide care and return them to the wild.

Facility Animal Care Volunteer

Minimum time requirement: 8 hours/week/same day includes holidays

Facility animal care volunteer opportunities provide rehab assistance at the main facility, which is located at 23375 Guthrie Road in Linwood, Kansas. Volunteers are responsible for the majority of the hands-on care after care instructions and triage is completed.  Volunteers are responsible for cage cleaning, diet preparation, physical therapy, medication administration, habitat setup, and general housekeeping duties. This position is also responsible for re-homing and retrieval of specific species. The peak months are March-October. Training is provided. If you love helping animals live healthy lives, this volunteer opportunity in Kansas is for you.

We currently have three shifts available:

The most demanding is the dayshift 8 AM – 4 PM, except during baby season when the shift may be longer due to animal feedings. Swing shift is 1 PM – 9 PM, and the night shift is 4 PM – close (this depends on number of animals currently in our system).

Animal Support Assistant Volunteer

Minimum time requirement: 5-6 hours/week 

This is a perfect volunteer opportunity in Kansas for those who want to help but can’t commit to an 8 hour shift. Animal support assistants will be paired with a facility animal care volunteer and assist with the set up of habitat, caging, laundry, dishes, food prep, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, etc. The goal is to work as a team to complete animal care in a timely manner and provide support for the myriad of animals we serve. Work is busiest April-October. We currently have two shifts available: Dayshift from 9 AM- 2 PM, and night shift: 5 PM – 10 PM.

Front Office Volunteer

Minimum time requirement: 8 hours/week/same day unless we can find someone to share time with you.  

Responsibilities include answering phones and helping callers make the best possible choices with the animals that they’ve found. This volunteer opportunity requires studying and learning about different species, as well as the legalities involving wildlife in Kansas. Pleasant demeanor, patience, and a willingness to help people are a plus for this position. Other duties include: computer input, asking for donations, providing information about OWL to patrons, charting, filing, photocopying, shredding, triage and housekeeping. The peak months are March-October. Training is provided.

We are open Monday through Friday: 9 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturday: 9 AM – 2 PM, and we’re closed on Sundays.  You would be required to be here 30 minutes before opening to prepare for the day.

Maintenance / Groundskeeping Volunteer

Minimum time requirement: 8 hours/week/same day or as needed depending on time of year.

This volunteer opportunity is for someone who likes the outdoors, is handy, and wants to contribute to the upkeep of our pens, trails, and grounds. The position will be ongoing and weekly; it may include mowing, weed eating, trimming, repairing pens, clearing trails, etc.

The peak months are March – October. Training is provided. Hours are flexible and can be completed on the weekend or evenings.

Home Rehabilitation Volunteer

Minimum time requirement: Daily in your home.

Provide rehab assistance at your home. This volunteer opportunity will require a separate area for rehabbing animals away from human and pet interaction. Volunteers are responsible for rearing orphaned wild babies utilizing OWL principles and manuals. Volunteers must pass state inspection and residence located in Kansas. Babies are returned to the main facility when they are weaned for hack out and further training (hunting, foraging skills, etc.).

Work is busiest March – October. Training is provided. State regulations require a two-year apprenticeship at our main facility. Animals for in-home rehabilitation are limited to cottontails, squirrels, and opossums.

Public Education Presenter 

Minimum time requirement: You must be available for a variety of times both on weekdays and weekends – times vary depending on programs.

This volunteer opportunity is responsible for program set up, including tables, merchandise, information, perches, sandbags, kennels, and program tubs. You’re required to follow protocol for safety, handling, and care of our public education birds. In the position, you’ll learn the programs and educate people about OWL during those programs, including clean up and restocking afterward. You must be able to lift 30 lbs to be a presenter.

Prerequisites for this position include volunteering as a public education assistant at OWL, working at the facility for a year, and completing our bird handling course. Special consideration may be given to applicants that have experience at other facilities.

Public Education Assistant   

Minimum time requirement: You must be available for a variety of times both on weekdays and weekends – times vary depending on programs.

In this volunteer opportunity, you’ll help with setting up and loading for the program. This includes tables, merchandise, information, perches, sandbags, kennels, and program tubs. You’ll learn the programs and educate people about OWL during those programs. You may also clean up and restock afterward. You must be able to lift 30 lbs to be an education assistant.

This is not a bird handling position. You will travel with a public education presenter. This position is a prerequisite for becoming a public education presenter.

Transport Volunteer

Minimum time requirement: 2-3 hours/week/same day

Transport volunteers are responsible for transporting wildlife to various locations, which may include veterinarians, other volunteers, or release sites. Transport volunteers also pick up and deliver donations and supplies to the facility. This volunteer opportunity is an on-call position, so you must be available on the same day each week.


Community Service or Diversion Hours 

Minimum time requirement: Community service is done as time and supervision allows. 

Aid with general housekeeping and maintenance duties. A volunteer application is required as well as the community service form below.

Blocks of time are not less than four hours and not more than six. We do not have evening hours.  Minimum age is 16 years old.

Community Service Form

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Meet Operation WildLife

Operation WildLife is the largest publicly funded clinic and wildlife rescue service in Kansas. We receive thousands of wild animals each year and have release rates averaging 69%; that’s 20% higher than the national average!

OWL is staffed by volunteers, interns, and one full-time staff member. Besides our many trained wildlife rehabilitators, our professional volunteer staff includes seven veterinarians, one registered physical therapist, and two nutritional counselors.

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