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Our Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility

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Our Facility

Our wildlife rehabilitation facility is located in Linwood, Kansas about 8.5 miles from Lawrence.

Surgery Room

Our Facility

The latest technology and resources

Our 4,000-square-foot wildlife rehabilitation and education facility enables us to provide state-of-the-art care for wildlife in Kansas. Our facility is fully equipped with the latest technology and resources, including:

  • A surgical suite
  • An isolation room
  • Treatment and diagnostic areas
  • A laboratory
  • Flight pens
  • Outdoor enclosures
  • A water garden
  • A songbird habitat
  • And more

Who we help

The Animals

Curious about what animals we take at our wildlife rehabilitation facility? OWL is licensed to care for all state and federally protected wildlife, including SINC species except for the following:

  • Adult skunks for odoriferous reasons.
  • Adult deer not allowed by state.
  • Venomous snakes, for obvious reasons.
  • Non-protected species – European starlings, English house sparrows, pigeons.


Frequently Asked Questions

Go to our Get Involved page and fill out an application! We’ll be in touch.

No, we do not allow domestic animals at our facility events. The wild animals recognize them as predators, and this can be stressful to them.

We have an Open House and Santa Claws event in the fall and winter – members are notified via our eNewsletter. We advertise events open to the public on our Events page.

OWL does have a home rehabilitation position.  Applicants must meet prerequisites and complete an apprenticeship.

OWL is a veterinary clinic for injured wildlife. Our permits don’t allow visitors except for our Open House in October and our Santa Claws event in December. Since you made a donation, you’ll be notified of those events.

Donate to Operation WildLife and support our facility.

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