Surgery Room


Welcome to Operation WildLife!


First Look at Our Facility

Front Desk

Paperwork, donations, phone, email – all takes place here

Intake and Triage

All incoming animals are weighed, triaged and given a hospital record in this area.


The ward houses animals needing medications, physical therapy, special diets, multiple feedings, IV’s, surgical patients, special care.


The nursery area houses baby animals that need multiple feedings per day, an outside heat source, medications.

Songbird Area

This area houses baby songbirds and bats.  These animals require feedings every 30 minutes throughout the day


This equipment houses tiny neonates that are furless or naked that require humidity and ambient temperatures

Surgery Room

Surgery Room

Gas anesthesia, heated table and other amenities give our patients a better chance at a second chance in the wild.



Our lab allows us to run fecals, CBC’s, blood smears, glucose, specific gravity, differentials and lead testing in house


Our portable radiology allows us to get digital images in minutes that can be evaluated by our radiologists via internet

Washing, Drying and Cage Cleaning

We do 20 + loads of laundry a day.

Snake Cages

Our specially designed snake cages provide heat, humidity and a safe haven for recovering reptiles

Rat and Mouse Room

This room houses cleaning supplies, extra kennels and our rat and mouse colony

Food Prep

There are 100’s of different species of wildlife that OWL takes care of.  We have a variety of seeds, grains and foodstuffs to provide healthy, nutritious meals for the animals in our care

Food Prep Frig

Diets are prepared daily based on the animals nutrition needs

Back Flight Pen

One of our many back flight pens

Tee shaped flight pen that allows birds to regain wing strength and flexibility especially for metacarpal injuries

Side Flight Pen

Used for test flying and short term stays or for animals that need to be isolated from high traffic areas

Squirrel Hackouts and Songbird Aviary

Three squirrel hackouts and a songbird aviary

Opossum Hackouts

All of our mammal pens are species specific so we avoid cross contamination

Raccoon Hackout

This pen houses 30 raccoons at one time and is isolated at our facility in order to remove these animals from human sights and sounds

Chicken Coop

Our laying hens give us eggs which are one of the components of some of the wild animal diets

Predator Pens

These pens are situated deep in the woods.  We raise bobcats, fox and coyotes here


Our amphitheater is a spot for outdoor education and everyone’s favorite the OWL Prowl

Outdoor Education

These perches are placed along the trail so that we can give outdoor programs about our native wildlife

The End

Thank you for taking a short glimpse of our facility

Please remember that we’re only supported by donations and appreciate anything you can give.

Operation WildLife

23375 Guthrie Rd

Linwood KS 66052